About Us

About Ashdeep Food Dehydration

Ashdeep Food Dehydration was born out of our vision to ensure that our customers have access to home cooked food anywhere in the world. We provide dehydration and vacuum packing services for our customers all over the world.

We are based in Bangalore and are available to our customers to provide them quality services which are given in a hygienic condition. This is done with utmost precision and guidance of our founder. All our staff works with sincerity and passion, because all of us work with the common vision of our customers being able to eat home cooked meals as per their convenience in any location.

What We Do

Enjoy meals that are lightest, most filling & nutritious & best of all -Easiest to prepare. Dehydrated meals are pre-cooked meals that are dehydrated so that they can be stored and then be re-hydrated when you want to eat. Dehydrated food retains nutritional value and freshness just as a meal prepared on the spot. It also decreases the size of the food, which is useful when you're traveling and want to carry a light load and also for students who are away from home.

Currently, a large number of Indians travel for studies, work or pleasure across the globe.Despite the availability of small & big restaurants & food joints in each & every part of the world it's not easy for people to find vegetarian food internationally.

We at Ashdeep Food Dehydration take great pride in introducing a wide range of dehydrated meals so one has healthy eating options anywhere in the world. Dehydrated Meals can greatly benefit students as well as frequent travelers as all meals are without any preservatives or additives. Simply add the required amount of hot water stated on the food pouch, simmer for 5-7 minutes & the result is a delicious hot meal wherever you may be.

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